Lux fetish Interchangeable Collar & Nipple Clips 12-piece Set

Discover a world of sensual exploration and fashionable flair with the Lux Fetish 12-Piece Interchangeable Collar and Nipple Clips Set. This versatile and stylish collection includes a collar, nipple clips, and a variety of eye-catching attachments, such as feathers, tweezers, bells, and chains, providing endless possibilities for both visual and tactile stimulation. The adjustable nipple clips feature soft coated tips, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip while delivering just the right amount of pressure to heighten your pleasure. The collar, which features a Velcro closure, provides a comfortable and adjustable fit, allowing for a seamless blend of fashion and function. Accentuate your look with the included attachments for a touch of playful elegance and erotic literature allure.


  • Easy interchangeable clips for quick and convenient play
  • Adjustable soft coated clips for comfortable prolonged wear
  • Adjustable collar; easy to secure and adjust
  • Satin blindfold fitted for total blackout during play

Item Materials: Polyester, Nickel-Free Metal, Fake Feather, PVC.

Set Includes: 2-Piece feathers, 2-piece tweezer nipple clips, 2-piece adjustable pressure nipple clips, 2-piece bells, chain connector, adjustable collar with 2-piece chains, satin blindfold.
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Purchase:  Price: $46.39

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