Japanese Rope 10 Meters

Ouch! Japanese Rope 10 meters from Shots Toys. The OUCH! Japanese rope is made of a very silky and comfortable material! It measures a generous 10 meters or 32.80 feet for some extensive rope play! Dimensions package 6.69 inches by 3.54 inches by 1.97 inches. Weight package6.91 ounces. Product dimensions 393.7 inches by 0.31 inch by 0.31 inch. Product weight 5.71 ounces. Product diameter 0.31 inch. Materials: Silk rope. Categories: Bondage, fetish , Kink, sex toy s for Couples, Bondage Restraints. 2022.
Bondage > Restraints > Rope, Tape & Ties
Purchase:  Price: $20.59

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